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We are selling 1000 Miracle fruit plants ( Large & Fruiting ) for less than wholesale and will give you a plant for FREE if you need it, but can not afford one! Why? Because this tool is too important to sit unused in our Nursery. It only has real value in your hands and helping others. Please share this information with everyone that may benefit too. Thank you for helping.


Ready to learn something important, change your life and help others?


After reading this page you will be better able to regulate blood sugar naturally with No side effects ! This plant’s fruit can instantly improve taste of many foods while eliminating the need for sweeteners... And you can grow it yourself. If you live in South Florida we will even give you a plant for free. Just check our website for dates to come by and get a beautiful and easy to grow plant. It can be grown outdoors in frost free areas or makes a nice houseplant. www.livemonarch.com


Our educational foundation has been in South Florida for 20 years. We started a successful private nursery and cultivated thousands of these miracle plants becoming the highest quality source. When we started, we only thought they altered taste and helped cancer patients suffering with damaged taste buds and chemo aftertaste. Awful aftertaste from Chemo make many unable to hold down a meal and slowly suffer from malnutrition which dramatically lessens their chances for recovery.


We grew these as a gift to our community and we helped many and shared our findings with doctors too. Did it take off and become a huge success? Well not so much. We spent a lot of time and money educating people mostly healthcare professionals about how to use this to help their patients.


Guess what we learned? They are not allowed to go off “the script” and suggest solutions that differ from “Standard care” practices. They experienced that taste is improved seconds after putting a fruit on you tongue. Anybody can try a fruit and taste a lemon that is crazy sweet as the sour flavors are blocked. Doctors saw the potential instantly. When witnessing a patient consuming a single small berry and blood glucose levels moving more than 30 points in the right direction only five minutes later, a doctor said this is “game changing” but without extensive studies and papers accepted by major peer reviewed organizations there was too much liability by offering alternative therapies not already approved. In private we also learned from physicians that “there is no billing code and they could not make enough money for it”. Several bought plants to help their own families suffering with ailments. We got thanks but not much outreach came from these professionals.


Cancer doctors we contacted starting in 2010 told us that the majority of their patients had taste issues as a Negative Side Effect but were very reluctant to openly offer even the basic information to their patients suffering with debilitating taste problems from Chemo cocktails. Free berries were even refused. This made us sad and angry that good people are suffering and have very little access to non addictive, non harmful, solutions to their health problems. When doctors started mysteriously dying after challenging Big Pharma with other natural remedies we understood why certain receptive Doctors were too scared to go off script. There is a real threat to their reputation and income.


Do you wonder if Health Care has really become Disease Management and the system no longer wants a cure for anything? Stop wondering just watch a few whistle blower videos about and put your mid at rest - YOU are an income stream for as long as you feel sick and tired. As long as the system excludes real solutions and cures. You will remain sick and tired unless you take action and responsibility for your own health.


Help yourself, a loved one or someone in your neighborhood just by growing one small solution to our Modern Plague = “Food” that is incomplete and stripped of its minerals, vitamins and essential life by over processing and sold to you as a treat that you deserve every day. Every meal or snack is now “a reward you deserve”, loaded with an addictive bliss point of SUGAR, FAT and SALT designed to trigger you to over consume. Are you really loving it? FAT SICK and TIRED? look around this is no accident! Why are 1/3 of of us heading for an early grave and destined to be sick and tired for most of our adult lives forced to consume medicine as our food. FOOD is supposed to be our medicine - AND it can be. please take action and responsibility for your own health.


Think that someone else cares more about you if you buy their product and are addicted to their food or drugs. This LIE makes you lazy and dependent on others. Never question this LIE and you are a slave, always hungry, always tired and sick.


30 million Americans have diabetes! and another 80 million are Pre-diabetic! This is a modern plague. And it is SAD - The Standard American Diet. You are affected or know someone who is silently suffering - Please be part of a cure.


Miracle Fruit (That is the real name) = REAL FOOD - No know side effects! Multiple studies show it is effective even the US Military did a study for increasing stamina etc showed no harmful effect even when eating 100x normal use. It instantly improves taste while eliminating the need for sweeteners and regulates blood sugar too... And you can grow it yourself. This is a real plant ( synsepalum dulcificulm ) been used for centuries in Africa, brought to America more than 100 years ago. It grows small red berries that can be frozen and stored for a year and still retain its medicinal properties. Please help us share this knowledge and stop needless suffering.


We want you to have the power and knowledge to eliminate the need for anything that has a side effect or chains you to a lifelong cost and management of a “disease”. Please do not force children into a lifelong dependence on injections that can lead to all sorts of painful problems. If you can not afford to buy a large fruiting size plant we will even give you a smaller tree FREE, if you can visit us and promise to share your experience with others.


Our foundation has grown and promoted this plant for about 10 years and it is hard to believe that anyone would choose to inject chemicals or take medications with known harmful side effects when a slight modification to diet and use of a miracle fruit before a high calorie meal could resolve the sugar roller coaster.


If you are willing to be a part of the campaign to bring a miracle to your neighborhood and your neighbors, friends and loved ones we will give you a plant or berries to test and share. All we ask is that you intelligently try, test and honestly relay information for others to benefit from. We do not have millions to spend on testing what we already know to be the obvious truth.


What we know - one miracle fruit will eliminate sour flavors in many foods and eliminate the use and need of added sweeteners, And can regulate blood sugar whether low or high to a more optimal level for TWO hours after eating one small berry. Tested on many pre-diabetics, insulin dependent people and even world class athletes. Many stopped needing or reduced insulin as the highs and lows of the sugar roller coaster were gone.


Miracle fruit can dramatically adjust blood sugar to safer levels with NO known side effects. We have given fruit to doctors, researchers and many in need all say the same “it works” . But there is a problem, this solution is outside "the norm" and in the words of several health care professionals  “my office can not make enough money from it to justify the time to educate our patients”. The system of “disease management” does not serve the public.


Not everyone wants help and many fight even the idea of taking responsibility for themselves and their health. My father is one of them, he actually lost a toe (amputation) due to diabetic mismanagement and the refusal to take appropriate actions or self educate. I am fully aware that finding this information on this site is unusual and it is! BUT you are now one more person that has a potential tool to help others. Please help us spread this information and bring natural tools for health to the people. Sadly our attempts to bring this message to you via sites like the American Diabetes Association were short lived as NO single mention of miracle fruit is anywhere on the entire site and our postings were removed. Seems like the WEB has a way of making certain information disappear quickly. In fact it is very difficult to find any information on the benefits of natural remedies especially studies dealing with many problems considered “ a disease”. Remember information is a funnel for action or inaction and you are always being led down a path - make sure you know where you are going. The normal outcomes offered by Standard Medical Practices might be as dangerous as walking into traffic blindfolded.


If you want to be part of this “mainstreet” campaign to put the knowledge that food is medicine and collect the tools to reverse the intolerance to addictive foods. Please learn more through our site www.livemonarch.com


Please share this message with others.


Thank you for your attention and God bless,

Christopher. LMF founder



If you are dollar oriented and might help if there is a buck in it.  Well we have sold our 4 foot production plants for $100 each for years (Normal Wholesale is >$50 - that is $50 profit) and the Miracle fruit itself is sold every day for $1-3 per fruit. Trees can produce 50 or more fruits 3-5 x a year- do the math! This tree is worth the time to grow and sell. We are happy to help you get started with a backyard business just visit our site and get in contact with us. Are you going to get rich? - Probably not unless you get the word out. Help others, that is worth more than you know. Have a real need and promise to help others? We will get you two 4’ production plants for $80 if you can pick up at our Boynton or Boca Location. Lots of sizes to choose from ! How the FREE works - visit our site, show up on a scheduled day and get a plant no hassle, no cost, no joke. First to get on our list gets a plant. We have more than 500 to give away all different sizes, many are fruiting now.


Our many years helping others and Professional researchers have given us a simple list that will help you build a better immune system and better protect you from stress and sickness of all sorts. No Cost and guaranteed to improve your Health and outlook !


Natural Sunlight - get more Vitamin D - Even helps with Corona and Covid-19 Rest - invest in your sleep and recovery ! Exercise - get stronger today to overcome tomorrow’s struggles Diet - Eat “Real Food” processed is always an incomplete fuel Self Confidence - invest the time in your mental health and learning Friends - create a strong support system, it can save your life and will always improve it. 


Notice of Miracle Fruit Plant SALE and opportunity to receive plants at little or no cost.

Our Educational Foundation Live Monarch has moved from South Florida to North Georgia but still have a farm location in Boynton Beach with many Miracle fruit plants of various sizes. Our timeline to create the highest value for these important plants has been recently cut by almost two years so we are in need of assistance to place these medicinal plants with those that can gain the greatest benefit.

In case you are unfamiliar with these plants and their fruit they do the following with NO side effects.

Alter sense of taste for aprox 30 min to 2 hours by chewing on their sweet fruit. They block taste buds from sensing 3 acids – citric, Tannic and Tartaric. Taste a lemon it is sour eat a berry and now the lemon is very sweet ! It just masked the sour citric acid.

Remove metallic aftertaste of several chemotherapy agents allowing people in recovery to properly taste and enjoy their food. Helps to encourage good appetite.  Allows enjoyable consumption of many foods and drinks etc. without additional sugars added.



History of one Miracle Fruit company from the Web – interesting how politics can affect health and seeking profit can harm a country and the World.  


In 1977 Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of a company called GD Searle. Searle was responsible for pushing aspartame (considered now by many to be a poison) through the FDA. At the same time a company called Miralin was headed up by a young entrepreneur named Robert Harvey. Robert Harvey was the first person to use Miracle Berries as a means for eliminating sugar without chemicals or dangerous man made substances.


The sweetening industry became somewhat concerned about the threat of this small red berry from west Africa. In Miralin's market studies kids were going crazy over miracle berry Popsicles, diabetics were in love with it and it seemed that the days of refined sugar were numbered.


Searle had strong ties to the FDA and while they were developing aspartame they inserted an FDA commissioner just long enough to push aspartame through and get it approved. At the same time Robert Harvey was turning down offers in the billions. The artificial sweetening industry became very concerned about this impending threat.


Just as Miralin was about to launch, and aspartame was being approved, the Miralin was labeled a "food additive," instead of just food, which is what it was. Basically that's code for forcing the company to undergo years of testing which would eventually bankrupt the company. The FDA commissioner that was inserted just long enough to label miracle berries as a food additive and push aspartame through regulation was accused of allegedly accepting corporate bribes.


True story.


The FDA stated that miracle berries couldn't be used in any form (no reasons were ever disclosed. In 2000 all bans were dropped. As awareness is raised and we continue to educate ourselves about healthy organic products, we can open the door to new food possibilities.


Now for some science. Your tongue has a sour and bitter taste receptor. It's how we taste sour and bitter things. The miracle berry has a glycoprotein called miraculin and when the berry is consumed, the glycoprotein latches onto your sour and bitter receptor, preventing you from tasting sour and bitter foods. So when you eat a lemon, it tastes as sweet as lemonade.


Think about eliminating sugar with this berry. Social media and viral marketing campaigns will be the difference this time. No one can prevent this message from getting out there. All people have to do is try it. They will love it, and they will spread the word. With the help of miracle berry, we can combat obesity, along with other obesity-related conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. It's also a great way for cancer patients to be able to taste and enjoy food with less nausea...so truly a win-win across the board.


With miracle fruit, the only lingering bad taste is Big Pharma’s interference with natural remedies, cures and therapies that threaten their monopoly. Help us break their strangle hold on Health Care Professionals and our personal healing. Did you know that the third highest death rate and needless suffering is pharmaceutical misuse or mistake? THAT IS OVER 250,000 real people that suffer and die every year! Wake up and stay off that list. Make an investment, get a plant, be prepared to help a loved one or neighbor and have your solution just in case somebody else is unable to come to your rescue.