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Miracle Fruit Soil Mix - Amazing Results

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Here is a real success story...with the necessary background information and pictures to back up our claims.

We have been experimenting with the formerly tricky, hard to grow, rarely fruiting, easy to kill miracle fruit plant for 4 years. All our problems are a thing of the past with just a few small pieces of hard won information.


Let your soil dry between waterings, Not to the point that the plant will wilt but at least so the surface is not moist. The best method we have found is to weigh the plant and pot and when it gets light add more water. This is the main problem people have and this is what wil cause a weak plant to die if you get root rot.


You are looking for a Ph of 5 for water that has slowly drained from your pot. You water source may be to alkali or your soil may not hold enough acidity. Get our $5 kit and make sure you are in range. We even supply acid peat so you can adjust without shocking the plant. Our bagged soil has the perfect mix.


We have found that 50% shade clot works great for us in South Florida, but estimate the direct sunlight and intensity for your area and make a test. Placing a shade cover over part of the plant will show you within a week what is neded. If the leaves turn red you have too much sun or nutrient dificency.


This plant will accept many fertilizers and if proper Ph is achieved will do well....BUT if you want rapid growth, new leaves and amazing fruit harvest get our mix. It would cost you about $180 to buy the components in their smallest availiable form and then guess as to the proper percentages. We do appreciate the $2 profit we make but the real benefit is to you and your happy Mircle Fruit plant.

Be very cautious about new fertilizers as they can easily shock your plant so start slow at a very dilute rate until you see what the plant does. It takes at least 3 weeks to determine effects. Once you shock your roots you can easily get root rot and have big problems so do not rush with any fertilizer...Start Slow !



Unless you need a humidifier in your home to keep the fishtank from drying up in a day humidity is not the danger some would have you believe. Just mist the plant if you can or use one of our humdity bags...or any clear plastic bag with several small holes to cover the foliage only. Do not cover the soil as you will get rot. Dry edges on leaves are from a stressed root system, cut back on the fertilizer and make sure you do not overwater. We have sucessfully kept our plants alive and hapy through several frosts and lots of extended cold and wet months these past 3 years.


Please take a moment to study the pictures below. This same plant is aprox 5 years old and is a consistent source of fruit for us. We got 30-60-100 fruits with each new harvest in 2009.

But this year look at what we have. The same plant with over 1000 flowers!

How is this possible? Yes it is the soil mix...and the plant has some very nice production properties...the plant stages the flowers and fruit a few dozen at a time so as to not overburden the small plant with too many fruit at once. So we are now harvesting about 40-60 fruits from this one plant every 10-14 days.


Miracle Fruit soil test results 3-09

Miracle Fruit soil test results 6-09

Soil Mix If You Want A Miracle


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